Rainbow Hen team was created by a group of kindergarten teachers at Satsagnuan-anusorn Kindergarten in Bangkok, Thailand. The initial idea was to create high quality worksheets and other resources for other teachers in Thailand, and as well, parents to download for personal use for free. The website was launched on 20th May 2015 using Rainbowhen.com. As the website grew more interests and traffic from users, we moved our platform to much a bigger host and now use our name as Rainbowhenclub.com.

Three principles for our team to use for creating resources on this website are that:

  • we create all resources and worksheet newly for this website,
  • we focus on producing teaching and learning resources for young children from 0-13 years of age, and
  • all resources must in of high quality.

This work on creating resources free for teachers and parents to download and use for their personal study was lacking in Thailand. Not everyone has the mean to reach or be able to afford good resources, or up to date materials to use for teaching or learning. By spending our time after work creating this channel to share our materials to other people, we do hope to reduce that gap of privileges and make Thai children enjoy learning and doing well in school.

Curriculum Used to produce these resources

At the beginning of creating and building list of resources on this website, we followed mainly on the curriculum used in Satsanguan-anusorn Kindergarten school. At the school, it is known for using playing and learning method which has proved success with children studying three years, aged 3-5, and be able to excel in reading and writing in Thai, the same level as 6-7 years old in other schools. We then have grown our methods by following western pedagogy and practises in other subjects such as in English the phonic programs and international Maths. Our future goals for our works are to:

  • connect with other experts in their filed to create resources for Rainbow Hen community,
  • expand our community to the international level to create friendship, discussion, and understanding of people around the world.

We hope everyone who use this platform find the resources we put our time and afford to create for you helpful to your learning. What you can help us would be sharing this platform to other people or talk about it, we would be grateful. If you have any suggestions or any problems using the platform, do get in touch with us at the details below.

Please also read our Privacy Policy here and Terms and Conditions on downloading our resources.

Contact us at

contact.rainbowhen@gmail.com or, preferably, at our

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