These are the guidelines for all article submissions.

All articles published here must be the original work. All any other people’s works including in an article must be clear of rights and references are put visibly accordingly. Rainbow Hen Club has the permission and the rights to publish their work on the website. The profits that might occur from publishing the article on the website belongs to Rainbow Hen Club.

No alterations can be made to the published article without the authorisation of the author.

We are looking for stories that you think will inspire the new generations who are the ones that will look after our world and societies. The stories could be:

  • your experience on a particular topic,
  • your opinion, or
  • your knowledge.

The topics that we are publishing on this website is for young people aged 13 and above. Stories to Share can be written about:

  • Education,
  • Politics, 
  • Believes,
  • Society,
  • Culture, 
  • Arts,
  • Mental Health issues,
  • Diversities,
  • or any topics that you think it will make the world a better place!

Languages used for each article will be in the writer’s first language and English. We are in charge of translating it into other languages that we think is relevant for the topic.

Word length
There are no word limits for the article, but it should not be less than 500 words.