How to download free worksheets on this website ? There are a few ways that you can download the worksheets from this website depending on when these worksheets were uploaded on to the platform.

Worksheets on the Website pages

The first type would be the ones that were the first sets of the worksheets uploaded. There will be a link of the file for download. You may find them at the bottom of each page.

The second type would be the ones with a gallery of images at either the middle of the page or at the bottom. You can save these by right clicking on the images and download them to your device.

Last type would be the most latest ones. You will see a link at the bottom to go to the download page. As we moved and changed the the place where we save these worksheets, you will have to go to our market place. There are a mixture of free and paid resources on our market place. The ones with ‘0’ value are free to download.

Downloading in the market place

Please be careful to make sure you choose the right materials you want to download. If you choose to get a paid worksheet in your order together with the free ones, make sure you make the payment and notify your payment via our Facebook Page inbox to get your orders released. Otherwise, your order will be hold (both free and paid) until the payment is cleared.

If you have any problem downloading any worksheets, finding any materials or have a feedback, you can contact us via Facebook Page Inbox, here.