My Contribution to our Lovely Living Planet Earth: What Can You Do From Your Side?

We have one planet. This is it. No second choice, no backup. It is important that we respect it, or the Human Race, all the animals and plants leaving with us will disappear. 

We are part of an ecosystem that is both resilient and fragile. As Humans, it is our obligation to look after it, to care for it. 

I believe each person is important. Each has a part to play. 

Some people will play the main part (presidents, kings, CEOs, etc.) but most of us we have to play at our level.

Our strength, our power is our number. If all of us play our part right, we can make things move quickly, we can change the world. Yes, we can!

At my own level, I thought about what I could do, things that would not be too hard on me, too demanding (or I will not last…), but still significant.

  • First, I don’t eat meat and less and less fish. Those are living things and it hurts me to eat them. They need a lot of water and their number is just too vast to be sustainable. We can live without meat. I practice sport every day. I have a great health. I understand that you can “like” flesh (meat, fish), but you don’t have to eat it to live. 
  • Second, I try to eat what is produced locally. I don’t buy fruits/vegetables that need gallons of petrol to come to my table. It is not always easy, especially in my country (Switzerland) were we don’t have fresh fruits in the winter. But I try my best. Even if my products cost more than the same coming from far away, I will buy it. It is not easy, but it is my choice.

  • Thirdly, I do not travel far. Planes pollute a lot. So, since 1999, I have not left Europe. I read, watch movies and programs about other countries, etc. I just don’t go there myself. I know that today it is “mandatory” to travel. It is getting easier and cheaper. But our planet really, really doesn’t like it…
  • And lastly, I try to avoid buying too much. Our world has decided that the only way toward happiness is to HAVE many things. But I believe that happiness lies in the BEING, not the HAVING. But it is very hard to resist when you see all those beautiful things, cheap and available around you! I don’t succeed all the time (books are my weakness!). But each time I do, I am happy! 

I believe that each of us can choose to do something about the Planet. If it is forced on us, we will not do it. But if we choose what we can do, we will keep doing it. 

There are so many actions we can take. So many decisions to choose from.

What would you choose to do?

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